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8 March 2010


Good Morning


Looking in the Mirror


Do you have situations when you are having a conversation with someone and you give advice, then when you come away fom your friend, colleague you're thinking might be judgmentmental and/or critical but in the back of your mind you have a niggling feeling ……….. that’s the time to look in the mirror.

While training to become a coach I was told often, by experienced coaches, that at times we will be seeing in our clients lessons we need to learn!

So now every time my thinking turns to the habit of judgment or thinking critical thoughs or I'm wanting to give sturdy advice...

In to my mind I ask myself …

What is it I have to learn here?

Or What is the lesson for me?

Or What am I not acknowledging about myself?

Remember we all have different perspectives and different experiences so any advice we may choose to give to another is actually based on ourselves.

Are you taking your own advice?

Have a wonderful week.

Warm wishes





1st March 2010


Good Day


Surrender to Vulnerability

Everyone has their vulnerabilities and for us to be true to ourselves we have to accept and honour our weaknesses. But not only that we have to be open to expose them and allow others to see our vulnerabilities.

It goes a step further than self awareness it moves into acceptance and also letting go of holding onto perfection – it’s surrendering.

Let go and allow the higher consciousness to look after this area of you, for you.

Allow yourself to be susceptible, know that even though you’re exposed you are safe.

Be transparent allow others to see your flaws, as without them you are not complete…

Nothing is truly perfect – including YOU!

The rose the pearl and the diamond all have small imperfections which make them beautiful.

Your uniqueness is what makes you beautiful allow your vulnerabilities to shine as part of who you are -

Beautiful, Unique and just a little Imperfect!


Warm wishes for a great week


15th February 2010

Hi Everyone

The Power of Acknowledgment

While watching the programme Sunday on TV1 last night it hit me like a brick not so much the importance of but the Power of Acknowlegment.
The story about Stephen Wiltshire a man who as a child was (still is) profoundly autistic but who through his talent/brilliance at drawing landscapes has become a person not only able to function but become incredibly successful in the world today.

As a child he was acknowledged because of his ability to recall the minutest detail of buildings and draw these from memory. This acknowledgment and recognition of his extraordinary talent, skills and strengths meant this young mute boy grew with confidence and self esteem and helped him develop to a man who communicates with people today.

This story also showed the extraordinary capacity a human brain has – albeit that this man’s wiring maybe different to the rest of us, it does show how there is still a lot of the brains capacity that we do not use - is this what our future holds?

the ability to use our brains to their true potenital full capacity - imagine that!
What will be able to do?

Stephen was able to recall the entire panoramic aerial view of the London cityscape, after only 15 minutes of viewing if by helicopter, and then drawing it from memory in exact detail taking only 5 days – absoulutely remarkable but fascinating that a human brain has that capacity – fueling the debate that we have so much more potential as human beings than we dare to dream.

I tried to find the web link for TVNZ on Demand for this segment of Sunday but it wasn’t there – however I have found this for you to check out …..

Again fascinating what the brain can do ………..

Try some brain games to keep your brain energized J

Have fun using acknowledging!

Warm wishes


8 February 2010


Hello Everyone

We are all made up of body mind and spirit and sometimes we favour one above the other. It may be that one is hurting the most, often our body; or one is making the most noise, often our minds!
It’s important for our wellbeing, health and happiness that we take the time and create the space to ‘listen’ to all aspects of ourselves body mind and spirit.

How often do you take this time?

Start being responsible for yourself totally

Our bodies need the basics of

  • regular exercise,
  • healthy nutrition
  • good hydration

Our minds need the basics of

  • self awareness
  • self confidence in our abilities
  • free of stress- deal to things as they arise

Our spirits need the basics of

  • meditation – time to go within and connect with our divine
  • reflection /quiet time
  • Enjoy what makes your heart soar, music, nature, beauty, art, prose, love ones


Love and respect yourself, show self discipline and schedule these into your daily/weekly timetables.




2nd February 2010


Good Morning


What is love and how do we express it?

Thoughts to ponder but not today.....


I am sorry subscribers but today I have a few urgent things to attend to - with one day out of the week taken up with a wonderful rest day, and I'm not complaining I can assure you, it does mean I'm now trying to squeeze everything into today.

As tomorrow I am off to line up for Jury Summons .... what that means I'm not sure - it could mean I spend the next 6 weeks in a court room listening to a case and helping 11 others make a decision.

Earlier this morning I lead a tele class on listening - so if I do get chosen then my listening skills will be at the fore and most useful I expect.

You know listening skills are just not for coaches we all need them in our relationships and everytime we communicate with others.

Here's a quick list of the bullet points taken from todays lesson

  • Being Present (clearing thoughts, schedules, judgments, conscious of language)
  • Being open – without judgment, Interested in what the other has to say
  • Stop talking, Reflect back
  • Open to not knowing - not having an agenda - Open to listening to others point of view
  • Comfortable with silence
  • Create the right environment for good listening
  • Intuition (trust your gut)
  • Listening is an all body experience – ears, eyes, heart, gut (stomach), brain
  • What do we attributes do we need to listen well ….

Patience, Confidence, Curiosity, non judgmental, no personal agenda, compassion, focus, empathy, unemotional, honesty, preparation, respect and trust in ourselves and our coachee, listen/feel our own intuition our inklings. An added extra come to the conversation with love in our hearts .

Take care everyone until need week

Warm wishes


25th January 2010


Good Morning


Ok so why is clarity important?

Why is having all the details precise and clear important?

If we take the Law of Attraction for instance, and say its important to have precise clarity to manifest what you want – Why? Because if not the angels are buzzing about trying to put together what you want while you change the details in your own mind. This makes it an impossible job for them! J

Now we’ll take a more down to earth, common sense, approach for those of you who know me you’ll know that’s one of my specialties!
Detail and precise descriptions of your intention/goal including the feelings it arouses are important for you to make sure you make the path towards your target as direct and straight as you can. The more clarity you have the better designed you can make the steps towards your desired outcome – your plan. There’s less zigzagging to get to where you want to be.

Imagine you ask a dressmaker to make you a dress – that’s all the instructions you give “Please make me a dress”.
No directions at all – you don’t say why you need a dress a wedding, a work social a picnic? No clue as to what colour you may like, the type of material, length of dress etc. What happens? You go back and forth many times and then you start complaining that the dressmaker isn’t delivering what you asked for, you’ve seen so many versions now that you don’t like what you see and you go off the idea…….. J

Ok so I’ve exaggerated here a bit but I’m sure you get the drift!

That Clarity is Important!

Have a wonderful week everyone!!

Warm wishes



18th January 2010



Good Morning

Another beautiful day for us here in Auckland!

Today the pearl is about Passion – when we are passionate we have the ability to fully enjoy life as it is here and now.

A lot of what coaching is about is finding your purpose and passion.

Personally I believe its more about ‘being on purpose’ and ‘being passionate’ about what you Do Have, this can apply to both your personal and professional life.

Think about this – are you being on purpose and being passionate about your life?

For those who are members of the Essential Gym an exercise will be loaded up there by 12 this morning for you to check out.

Congratulations! – to my husband Graeme and my son and daughter Bartley and Lucy they just completed the Lactic Turkey race on Saturday morning – a run through the bush and hills of the Waitakere Ranges. Graeme completed 16kms and Bartley and Lucy 22kms for them it was there first half marathon!

Examples of Courage and Commitment!

I trust you all have a great week living with passion!

Give it a go!!

Choose to be passionate about what you are doing and your life today!

Warm wishes



11th January 2010


Here’s to a Successful 2010!!


I have a good feeling about this year – globally over the last couple of years we have been through some big changes, some shaking of the status quo– it was our wakeup call perhaps.

Perhaps it was a reminder that at times we have to take stock and look at things differently, which is exciting as that’s when we grow!

The beginning of a new year is a time to look at things differently – it’s a time to commit to Intentions and Expectations for this year and beyond.

It’s a time to assess if you want to make changes, to take on new challenges or if we want to slow the pace down and take more time out (that of course can be a challenge for many as well).

So what are you looking to do this year?

For those of you who are happy and contented with your life and enjoying what you have – well done! Remember to give appreciation to enhance your happiness.

However, for those of you who are wanting to make changes or wanting to strive towards something more – What are you doing about it?

Here are a few necessary steps ...

  1. Firstly you must DO things differently otherwise nothing will change
  2. Clear space, make time and commit energy to working on the NEW
  3. Set clear definite intentions, with time lines and measurements
  4. Then action, review, assess and tweak until you reach your desired outcome

Coaching Questions

To fully live your life what changes would you need to make?

What could you work on right now that would make the biggest change to your life?

What will you do differently?

Remember Essential Gym is here to support you with your Success in 2010 and are putting together a series of programs to assist you. More info

So what I am I doing?

I commit to blogging weekly in 2010

I have set out my intentions and goals for the next three months with time frames, so watch out. I will have applied for the next level of coaching credential by then, recommitted to Bikram (I’ve been a bit slack over the last couple of months), written the rest of the titles in the Discovery Growth and Support series, plus taken a couple of courses to improve my typing and reading speed.

What are you doing?

Until next week.

Warm wishes