Challenge Yourself
to be YOU!  More

Inspired Leadership ... this aligns with our approach to Authentic Leadership, but this goes further and applies to your life and who you are being!! Next week i'll aligned this with S.E.L.F.regards Jane

Link to TED and Simon Sinek

These are the people and businesses that Essential Gym loves to deal with because we admire them, trust them and use them!


Business Assistance

noodle helps businesses with all forms of copywriting   
and media relations. Whether you want to communicate  
with the media, your industry partners, the marketplace,
your clients or even your own staff - just use your noodle!


Financial Experts


A lack of valuable advice can very often
result in riskier mortgages that cost more
and take longer to pay off. For free, no
obligation, professional mortgage advice
Contact Wayne




Party Time

Loaded Gunn for all your event parties


Bookstores of Choice

Goodeys Bookstore – Mystery to Mastery, providing inspiration 
for the spiritual, mystical and holistic.  Specializing in training,  
motivation and personal development.



Self Care Professionals


At Personalised Branding you are encouraged to    
express yourself and invest in the real you. It’s more
than expert advice, more than personal styling.