Challenge Yourself
to be YOU!  More

Inspired Leadership ... this aligns with our approach to Authentic Leadership, but this goes further and applies to your life and who you are being!! Next week i'll aligned this with S.E.L.F.regards Jane

Link to TED and Simon Sinek

Mind Athlete, minimum membership 6 months

  • Designed for the dedicated business professional who wants to extend and challenge themselves to be at the top of their game, backed up by frequent coaching sessions for optimum achievement and ongoing goal-setting success
  • 3 one on one Skype / phone sessions per month

Fitness Junkie, minimum membership 12 months

  • The perfect solution for anyone with a busy working and personal life, providing a regular sounding board with a professional coach
  • 9 one on one Skype / phone sessions per year

Gym Bunny, minimum membership 12 months

  • A great way to maintain peak performance levels and keep on track with the ongoing guidance of a professional coach
  • 4 one on one Skype / phone sessions per year


  • You can use an essential gym 30 day challenge at any time to stretch and strengthen your mental and emotional aptitude for ultimate personal fulfilment
  • Group Skype webinars with email and SMS coaching

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