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Inspired Leadership ... this aligns with our approach to Authentic Leadership, but this goes further and applies to your life and who you are being!! Next week i'll aligned this with S.E.L.F.regards Jane

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I recently underwent a period of coaching sessions with Jane Thomas; a very capable and perceptive Coach whom I found to be extremely intuitive in her approach to both listening to and handling the issues raised.

Jane coached in a way which made me feel heard and understood and encouraged me to look deeper for my own answers by posing pertinent questions and setting certain tasks.

Her support and reassurance has helped me to clarify many personal issues,leading to a much greater understanding of who I am, who I want to be, the choices I have and what makes me happy.      Thanks Jane...

Sole Proprietor

Coaching with Jane has been incredibly valuable to me, both personally and in terms of my business. It's enabled me to further build on my personal strengths and successes, having already owned my own business for over 10 years.

Jane’s approach was intuitive, and she helped me refocus and strengthen my vision and re-energise my life.

Since forming an ongoing coaching relationship with Jane, I have been able to achieve my goals with renewed confidence. Coaching has also given me clarity and space, to pursue other business ideas and interests.

I look forward to quarterly update sessions to keep up the momentum.I recommend Jane to others, and I'll watch the positive results.


At this time, although I was living a happy, stimulating and enjoyable life for the most part, I was searching for a way to address some patterns and habits that kept me 'stuck' - particularly in the areas of my career and finance. I thought some 'fresh eyes' and support towards making long lasting change would give me the kick-start I needed.

Jane constantly encouraged me to 'think big' - to move beyond my fears and perceived limitations. Whenever she would ask me why I couldn't achieve a specific outcome, it was very difficult to come up with an answer that didn't sound like a self-defeatist copout!

Perhaps the greatest aspect of my coaching with Jane was the sense of self acceptance and trust I arrived at. I was able to remind myself of my achievements and unique qualities, which increased my sense of personal power and courage tremendously.

I thoroughly enjoyed and was inspired by each and every session with Jane - and nine months after my last session I am continuing to reap the rewards - that is what I call positive and successful coaching.

Actress/Business Owner

In my few months of Life Coaching with Jane I noticed a real turn around for the better.  I was unsure what I was doing career wise. Feeling unfulfilled and essentially bored was really hurting my self-image. A one hour long coaching session a week helped me make a big difference fast.

I was able to find some kind of direction and felt bit by bit that I was able to take control of my career again. Coaching helped me identify what changes I needed to make in a simple and step by step fashion and then provided some fresh ideas for dealing with situations that arose. Talking about where I was going and how I was feeling for a concentrated hour each week helped me get to the bottom of what I was feeling and gave me more perspective.

I found I was able to step away from a situation and consider the most effective ways of dealing with it. I found that the ideas discussed in my coaching sessions quickly became part of my thoughts and actions and I am continuing to see the benefits.  On the whole I am feeling much more capable and confident in my work life and only wishing I had considered life coaching earlier.  I can thoroughly recommend it.

Events Manager

I decided to try life coaching as I wanted to address two key areas in my life.

The first area that I wanted to address was the sense that life had passed me by somehow, even though I was only 36 I felt like I was in my 50’s. I have always been a high achiever, represented NZ in sport, finished an MBA at the age of 28; become a General Manager at the age of 31. I had also traveled the world extensively and have a wide network of friends, a brilliant family and I am very fortunate to be close to my four sisters who are best friends.

Even though reading above I knew I had a lot to be happy about, the fact that I had a failed relationship and had yet to find a life partner and have children seemed to be dominating my thoughts therefore making me feel old and that I had somehow missed out!

The second key area I wanted to address was where to take my career. I had achieved so much already, and I knew the time was coming to branch out on my own, but of course the million dollar question was always going to be ‘what do I do’?

Enter Jane Thomas and life coaching. One of the best decisions I have made in my life. The thing I appreciated the most was going back to basics. Defining what my values were and just as important what my passions were. These two exercises alone unlocked my future path and I have indeed started on a journey.

I feel so much happier inside, I have launched my own business and been accepted into film school in London next year. And I am ever confident that I will meet someone special all in good time. Time is now my friend and life is an exciting journey to be lived with all its ups and downs! (Update now married with one child)

Working with Jane has been a pleasure. I have never felt judged or been told what to do. She has a great way of letting you take the journey yourself at your own pace and is there to give you the tools you need to do just that. She is also there to nurture you during the tough times when you are changing habits of a life time and taking challenging steps. And I have enjoyed an ongoing relationship, someone to check in with, an independent person that you can trust and be really honest with you who in turn lets you be honest with yourself.

General Manager to Business Owner